Doing well ….


I’ve been for my rheumatology check up today.
In February I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis , after 12 months of barely being able to walk and being in excruciating pain . My feet , ankles , knees and hips were in agony.
I could barely put shoes on because of the pain and swelling and walking down the road was painful enough to leave me having to lie down for a few hours.
My hands and fingers are also affected.
With swelling , pain and stiffness .
4 months ago I started taking methotrexate .
It’s a very strong drug. It’s used for chemo but I’m only on a low dose. It has ALOT of side effects. I’ve had to have chest X-rays and also blood tests every fortnight. I have a terrible phobia of blood tests. It hasn’t been fun.
It can make you anaemic , and effect your liver and kidneys. Sickness and nausea are also a side effect.
For the first few weeks I had terrible sickness and nausea , I was taking the medication every Wednesday and being sick for a few days after.
That has lessened ALOT now , I still have some nausea but I have medication for that now , and the results of all the blood tests were normal , the chest X-rays were clear and although I still have stiffness , pain and swelling its much less than before I started taking the medication.
The psoriasis which I get in big patches on my scalp has also cleared up really well .
So I’m going to keep taking the methotrexate long term.
And the best news is that I only have to have the blood tests every two months from now on.


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