Hampton court maze : summer holiday bucket list


* this post contains lots of photos of trees …. But they’re nice ones.

One of the things on our summer holiday bucket list was the maze at Hampton court , O was very keen to go there and actually asked if we coukd go today.
As its usually a palava to get O to go anywhere I thought we’d go while he was keen.
It’s an easy journey from home , a bus into Kingston and then a short bus ride to the palace.
Unfortunately we got caught up in roadworks so the first bus ride was very very slow , we weren’t moving much atall for a good half hour.
I thought the day was ruined When O began to get a little touchy on the bus and then when we got to Kingston the heavens opened.
I thought that really did mark the end of our day out so I suggested we have a buffet lunch in Pizza Hut in case we were going to be heading home without getting anywhere.
The rain cleared while we ate but started again just as we were leaving.
It wasn’t cold and O really really wanted to get to Hampton court so we decided to chance it.
By the time we got there the sun was shining and the rain had all cleared up.
I bought tickets for the maze only as I didn’t think O would be interested in the palace or the formal gardens.

We paid Β£9 for 3 of us , Me , O and the 15 year old.

O wanted to lead the way through the maze. He said he would sniff his way out like a mouse.

This is him sniffing the way


The maze was actually ALOT easier than I had expected. I was imagining us getting rescued at the end of the day.
We soon found the middle so we went around a little bit more.



The sun was still shining so after the maze we sat on a bench in the grounds to have a drink and a packet of crisps.

O was interested to know about Henry the 8th so we googled him , and Hampton court palace then O wanted to have a look at the trees.
There are some really interesting trees. yes , I did really say interesting trees.
We walked around for quite a while looking at them all.





And some more trees







It turns out that O IS very interested to see the palace and the formal gardens so in a couple of weeks when the girls are home we will make a day of it with a proper picnic.

We finished our day with Italian ice creams from ” creams” in Kingston.
best ice cream ever

I was a little disappointed by how easy the maze turned out to be but O is very proud that he sniffed the way out and he really did enjoy the whole day.

I think we all did.

Hampton court is well worth a visit and I can’t wait to go again and see all of it.


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