Blog every day in August : best bit of my day


I’m mixing the list up a bit , I really wanted to do it in order , just because i like things in order but my brain doesn’t come up with posts in order so here’s my day 5 :

Best bit of My day
My best bit of the day is bedtime.
On school days I get up at 5:30 a.m and it’s all go till bedtime ,
I like to go up to bed about an hour before I want to sleep so I have time to read a little , read some blogs , and often I get blog posts popping into my head while I’m in bed. I take my Horlicks up every night and snuggle up with my book and my phone.
I have the comfiest pillow in the house

this may have been down to some secret pillow shuffling to find the one I liked best

O is still sleeping in my bed , it’s not ideal , he’s 8 ! , but it’s not a big problem. I’m going to wait till he’s settled ( hopefully) in year 4 before I kick him out.
And the dog follows me up the stairs to bed every night and takes her place at the bottom of the bed on my feet

It’s definitely cosy in my bed with these two.

But how can it be anything but lovely to have this snuggled up with you



Quite often the 11 year old will sneak her way into the sofa bed in my room , she likes to come for a chat before we sleep and it doesn’t worry me having her on the sofa bed. For me , as long as they get a good nights sleep , it’s fine.

The teenagers (who don’t possibly have time to speak to me during the day ) will often pop in for a chat too.

Bedtime becomes a time for reading , writing , snuggling and chatting with all of my favourite people.

When I’m ready to go to sleep my room is filled with the sounds of one kid ( often two ) and a dog snoring all out of rhythm with each other like a dodgy orchestra but I love the sound.


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