We’ve made a hole in our bucket ( list)


It’s a week in to the summer holidays , we’ve been a little busy with my sponsored walk happening and my disaster of a day at the hairdressers , but we have crossed a few things off our bucket list.

Wimbledon common , the windmill
Actually although both me and O have been to the windmill this week we didnt go together. I went with Sue when we stopped for a tea during our sponsored milk and O went with my mum and had an ice cream while I was at the hairdressers.
It still counts though , I think , although I still want to go and have an afternoon there with O

Sue and Naomi

This morning my friend Naomi came with her two children D (8) and J (3) .
O has been asking for ages if he can see D so I was really pleased that they came.
I also like to see D and of course Naomi and J.
The boys do not see each other often but after a little initial shyness I think they had fun playing on the Xbox together.
After their visit O and I met up with Sue and her boys to go to Bishops park.
I love Bishops park. It’s a lovely place to spend an afternoon.
Apart from one small incident involving a bit of fisticuffs the boys got on very well ( considering they only see each other a few times a year ) and I think they had a nice day out.
They spent most of their time playing in the sand and the water , O could play happily for hours in the sand.
It was funny because after we had eaten the snacks we brought with us the boys wanted to go to the play area , but on our way past the sand to the play area they got lured in and played there for around an hour and a half.





O made sand balls !




And he got a little wet in the fountains


The boys had a play in the playground bit



Then we walked back over Putney bridge to McDonald’s and finished a nice day out with happy meals and ice cream sundaes.

My favourite photo from today is this one as O really looks like he is enjoying the moment


I’ve read a couple of the books on my summer reading list and O has done some doodling in his doodle pad. Next week we are going to tackle the maze at Hampton court and take a trip to the Battersea park children’s zoo.
Hopefully we will have time for a swim too.

One thing we haven’t done enough of is sleeping. We need more early nights and more long lazy mornings.

Apart from that … so far so good. ,


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    • Thank you.
      It’s funny I was looking back at all of photos from bishops park – when we have been before – and it looks as though we’ve actually only been once because O has the hoodie on in every picture ! 😄

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