Blog every day in August : greatest achievement


Day 1

I’m taking part in blog everyday in August.
Yummy mummy in training has provided the prompts

Today is : Greatest Achievement

Well , this one is easy , it’s my kids.
I was 18 when I had my first baby.
He’s 20 this month.
Since then I’ve had 6 more.
It’s fair to say I’ve raised them almost singlehandedly.
I take all credit for them
They are bright , lovely kids.
In September my eldest will be back at uni , the 17 y/o is ( hopefully ) giving college a go and the 16 y/o has enrolled to do plumbing at college.
So far so good.
I’m very proud of all if them and while I take the credit for raising them I must give them all credit for being the people they are growing up to be.

Another achievement I’m proud of is both of my blogs. Mumblingsontheverge and butterfly minds.
I think I’ve found something I’m quite good at in my blogs.

Something I’d like to achieve in the future is raising more money for autism and mental health.
(i just did my first fundraising thing yesterday )
And doing more to raise awareness for both autism and mental health.

Why not pop over to yummy mummy in trainings blog and take part in blog every day in August.


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