A kid shaped hole


Right now 3 of the kids are somewhere in Norwich , camping , on a trip with our local community church.

I’m absolutely sure they are having a wonderful time.
They were so excited.
And I know the church will look after them well.
The girls didnt go on their school journeys in year 6 as neither of them was confident enough , so I’m especially pleased that they had this chance to have an adventure.

They left on Monday. They are coming home on Sunday.
But as soon as they come home the girls are leaving to go to Wales for 2 and a Half weeks

I miss them.
I miss them so much .
So much

And knowing that on Sunday I will barely have time for a cuddle with them is just awful

I want them to have fun.
And have adventures.
I know that one day they will leave me

But right now I miss hearing ” mum”
Every five minutes.
I miss their mess
I miss dancing in the kitchen with them.
I miss them coming to lay on my bed for a cuddle in the morning.

I miss their lovely faces.
I miss them.

I’m counting the days till Sunday when I will see them.
But at the same time I know that Sunday will be goodbye again.

I hate goodbye.

It feels like a long time till August 23rd.

That’s when they are home.
Where they belong.

Until then there is a big hole in my life and its shaped like 3 kids.


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  1. Aww, I know what you mean. Am dreading my eldest going to uni – there’ll be a E-shaped hole in my life for 3 months at a time. Roll on Aug 23rd for you xx

  2. I can only imagine how you feel as I’m a long way off it, I bet when they get back though they will have missed you as much as you’re missing them. Have some ehugs in the meantime *hugs* xx

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