Blog makeover


I’ve been messing around with my blog a bit lately trying to make it feel a bit more ” me”
well, actually lots of lovely people on twitter have been kind enough to help me out making it pretty , organising it better and making badges , and then me trying to do stuff and messing up their hard work

Anyway my blog is more or less just how I want it now ( THANKYOU to everyone who has helped)

I have ( another) new badge

mumblings on the Verge

And I’ve made a ” blogs I love ” page , because there are some blogs that I really really enjoy and I think everybody should know about them.

I’ve added some of my favourites already.

If you think I’ve missed you out give me a poke !

Now I really must start getting my head around how to do stuff on my blog …. Because I can’t keep asking twitter for help …. You have your own blogs to write …… They are my bedtime reading material after all.


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