Toast and cereal no more …


O was always a good eater.
He has loved vegetables since he was a baby.
And fruit,
He’s just never been fussy

I’ve always been able to give him a big variety of food

He’s always been a healthy weight

But lately he’s just not been eating.

A few weeks ago he started thinking that his food was infected. With what I’m not sure. But he was sure it was infected.
So he started not eating.
He really wasn’t eating much at all
And we seem to have slipped into a pattern where he mostly eats toast and cereal.
He hasn’t wanted his food
He hasn’t been hungry
He’s been too distracted with his computer games
Eating just wasn’t happening

And so he’s had toast
And cereal

He’s starting to look a little on the skinny side. Drawn.
Not healthy.

I dont like to see him like this and I dont want food to become a big issue

The girls are away for 25 days
Which means I have more time.

More time to put into mealtimes with O

I really do believe that a little bit of patience goes a long way I have time to be patient

Today I made him dinner vegetable fingers, wedges and carrots, peas and sweetcorn

I told him when I started cooking it
Told him when there were ten minutes left
Told him to come down 5 minutes before it was ready

We sat together
No distractions

And he ate all of it , well , he left a few veg but he did have ALOT of veg


Then he polished off a whole pack of melon slices.


No drama no worries.
Just us sitting together eating.

And O ate the best meal he’s had in ages.

I’m going to introduce all of his favourites back to him over the summer , while we have time to just be, sit and eat and hopefully he will remember how much he loves food.

Real tasty food. Not just cereal and toast.

For supper tonight muesli is on the menu.

I’m also going to buy a timer because it really made a difference that O knew exactly when to come for dinner

time and patience , they are not the answer but they certainly help


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