Read it love it blog it : review : UNDONE


I’ve read the first book on my summer read it love it blog it reading list , you can read my list here Jem and Kai are best friends , they have always been best friends they do everything together , Jem is in love with Kai but Kai isn’t in love with her. Because he’s gay.
After events at a party leading to Kai being outed on the Internet Kai kills himself.
Jem is left behind , she is alone, she doesn’t know who did this to Kai but she is going to find out and make them pay
With terrible consequences

This book is actually a young adult book but I usually enjoy young adult books so when I saw it on special offer I had to give it a try.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The book is very moving. Jem is left alone after Kai kills himself and she wants revenge .
She sets about finding out who did this to Kai and sets in motion a plan for getting them back.
Although Jem finds herself becoming part of the very group of friends she wants to tear apart.
Throughout the book are letters that Kai wrote for Jem before he killed himself. She is to open one a month for a year.
The letters are very sweet and touching , I know it’s been done before ( I think it’s in ps I love you) but the letters work and are an important part if the book. When Jem becomes part of the group she wants to tear apart she’s torn between liking being part of them and wanting to take them down.
This culminates in a terrible event .

This book runs through every kind of feeling and emotion , the storyline kept me turning the pages and I did not see the ending coming at all. It really did take me by surprise.

I would recommend this book to all adult and young adult alike.

Next I’m reading a heart shaped bruise by Tanya Byrne

Please link up and tell me what you’re reading , or what you just read , I’d love to hear your reading list.


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