Summer holiday bucket list


With the girls , and one of the boys going away over the summer it leaves me with 3 teenagers who would rather poke themselves in the eyes with hot sticks than join in on family days out and O.

I’ve been trying to think of some fun things to do with O , the places we go have to be a bit quiet and not too busy for O and most of all cheap

Me and O have come up with some things together and there are some things I want to do.

So this is our summer holiday bucket list

battersea park zoo
adult £8.75 child 6:50
we’ve been before so we know its a good day out. It’s not far from my mums house and it isn’t too busy there.

Wimbledon common – the windmill
it’s just a short walk from us and its always nice to spend a day on the common. It’s also nice to stop at the windmill for an ice cream

Hampton court maze
adult £4:40 child £2:75
This is the one that O is most keen on. I’m not so keen , I have no sense of direction and I’m actually quite worried about getting lost. But I’ve promised we will give it a go.

London wetlands centre
adult £9.95 child £5:50
Its just down the road from us and We’ve been before so we know its a lovely place to spend a day and they have a lovely little playground O has played there a few times so I think he will be ok with it

imperial war museum
O has been keen to go here for a while and it’s only a short train ride away.
A big bonus is that there is a Burger King at Waterloo and we love Burger King

We will make use of the cineworld movies for juniors £1:00

O has agreed to ride his bike on our playground across the road a couple of times a week ( as long as we go early so there aren’t people there)

O is going to finish his doodle pad

I want to read all the books on my summer reading list

I want to do everything in the ” wreck this journal ” book

We are going to have a couple of sleepovers at my mums house so O can scoot up and down along the river Thames.

Spend a couple of days with my friend Sue and her boys while they are in London all the way from Yorkshire

Spend a day with my friend Naomi and her children

Have lots of pyjama days

Take lots of photos !!

I also want to spend a few days at bishops park and Wimbledon
Park , and we want to see the new smurfs movie but we will save these things till the girls are home so we can have some fun together.

I think this makes for a reasonably cheap and fun summer !!


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  1. Chuffed we have made the bucket list! Once we are back from holiday we can spend longer than just the morning with you :0)

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