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My girls are going away , first they are going camping for a week then on the same day they come home they are off to Wales for 3 weeks with their dad.
I wanted to give them a little surprise going away present and * whispers* they get a bit bored at their dads so when they both happened to mention this book last week I thought I’d have a look.

The book is basically a project in creativity , each page has a random instruction on it for you to carry out




There are lots more …. It tells you to drip coffee on it , take it onto the shower , draw with borrowed pens , rub the book on a dirty car , stick your pocket lint in , collect the letter w and stick it in ….. You get my drift …. Random !

This is my favourite one

I think it would be fun to stick in a photo of yourself doing this.

I think the girls will love this. It will give them a little something to do every day. And it definitely gives you scope to get quite creative.

I’m not creative at all, although I’d like to be , so I’m even going to get myself one of these and over the summer try to kick start my creativity.

When you have finished the book you seal it up and post it to yourself.

Then you can sit down with a cup of tea and a biscuit and marvel at the wonderful creativity you have unleashed in yourself. ( probably )


When me and the girls have finished ours I’ll make a post showing some of our wonderful creations.

*I’ve written about this book purely because I think it’s a rather brilliant idea. I paid for them myself and all views are my own


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    • It looks fantastic. The girls have them to take away and I’m having one. Starting tomorrow. I think it’s a good gentle way to kick start some creativity. And a bit of fun. We are going to take photos of things we do to ours too.

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