6 months old ! 🎉


6 months ,
That’s how long I’ve been here.
Blogging on mumblingsontheverge

I used to be a reader of blogs , I enjoyed reading them but never saw myself as a blogger.
Then I thought why not give it a try
Mostly because I need hobbies that are cheap … Or better yet … free ,reading is my favourite thing to do , so I thought perhaps I’d enjoy writing too.
And I do , I enjoy it , I enjoy it more and more and I’m a little proud of this here blog
6 months ago I had no idea if I actually had anything to say , anything worthy of blog space but I do.
I’ve found that I do in fact have plenty of thoughts and feelings to write about.
Are they any good ?
Well , I hope so , people are reading and commenting and liking my posts and each month I have more views than the month before. * whispers* it’s nice to see the numbers going up
I don’t take too much notice of the stats unless I’ve tried something new , a new way of writing , writing about something different … If those posts don’t get read then I take it as a hint to stick to what I already do.
I’ve never had a nasty comment , I had lots of lovely ones though.
And I’ve found lots of support through my blog.
Having my blog even gave me the courage to make my butterfly minds website .
I haven’t really got a thing that I write about , I guess it’s mostly been about O and school , but there isn’t school for a while so I will be writing about the summer holidays assuming I can get O to go out anywhere
And as I have more reading time I will be doing some book reviews , and I’m taking part in #my99psummer so there will be some blogs about that coming up.
I must mention that I had some help recently to make my blog look a bit more snazzy , from the lovely @ClaraUnravelled thank you !!!

All that remains to say is happy 6 month blog birthday to myself and THANKYOU to everyone who has been reading.I always appreciate anyone taking the time to read my stuff


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