My 99p summer


I love having the kids home for the summer holidays but let’s face it the holidays aren’t cheap.
You can spend a fortune trying to keep the kids entertained
I don’t know about you but I don’t have a fortune to spend.
That’s why I’m joining in with #my99psummer
I’m going to see what I can get my hands on in our local 99p store
I’ve got some ideas already , my younger 3 love to spend time drawing ,colouring in , they can also entertain themselves for hours with notebooks and pens writing stories so I’m going to invest in pens pencils pads notebooks and colouring books.
I’m also going to try and get my hands on some water guns and other outdoor stuff so we can get out and play on the green .
Then there’s the good old fashioned picnic , with a selection of snacks and drinks from the 99p shop it’s not going to break the bank to pack up a picnic and head to one of our local parks for some afternoons in the sun !
Our dog maxi needn’t be left out as we can pick up some yummy treats and chews for her too.

Then of course there are the back to school preparations to think of.
The 99p stores have a good selection of stationary so we can stock up and ensure that everyone is prepared for going back to school , college and uni in September.

I will be blogging about what we buy and what we do with our finds from the 99p stores for #my99psummer

What have you bought from the 99p shop to make the cost of the summer holidays a little easier.

* I haven’t received and products or payment for these blog posts but I’m taking part in # my99psummer for the chance to win an iPad. All views and opinions will be my own


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