Doodle book … Calming Down bedtimes


I’m sure I’ve broken a rule here , I’ve bought the usbourne doodle book for boys , yes I know I’m sorry , I usually steer clear of boys / girls things but I’ve had an idea to get some calm routine into bedtime for O and I saw this book and thought it just might do the trick.

O is often quite difficult at bedtime , once I’ve got him into bed it can take a long while for him to settle.
It’s often after 11 pm by the time he falls asleep which I’m sure doesn’t help his already difficult school days.
Over the summer , particularly while the girls are away I want to spend some time getting him into a good calm routine.
In the evening he likes to play on his tablet which is fine it keeps him busy and it’s something that interests him as he’s good at playing the games but I don’t think that screen time and playing these games contributes to the relaxed state I really want him in before bed.
I bought this book because its full of pages to doodle on , it gives you an idea what to create and then it’s up to you. I like that it starts you off with an idea because without that i think O would often find himself at a loss for ideas. When O has done the drawings he can colour them , which I think is a much more relaxing activity than playing on his tablet.
I’m going to let him play on his tablet but introduce the idea that 20 minutes before bedtime I’d like him to sit quietly and do a page of the book.
I will tell him that as part of his ” passport to year 4 ” his teacher and TA were interested to see something he’s done over the holidays ( as it will give them a good talking point )

Hopefully O will like my idea and enjoy his book , there are enough pages to also occupy him on a rainy day or two , and by September will we have O in bed and calm at a much more reasonable time .

wish me luck




And as for it being for boys , my ELEVEN year old DAUGHTER has asked for one as she’s so intrigued by the ideas in the book.


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