We’ve made it … Schools out


We’ve done it.
We got here.
okay so actually the last day is tomorrow , but I intend to spend tomorrow afternoon collapsed on the sofa , refusing to move , or write posts The last day of term. The school year is over
And I am delighted.
This has been a heck of a year. A roller coaster from start to finish.
I’ve dragged O into school often kicking , screaming and crying and then dragged him out of school kicking screaming and crying almost every day.
Often getting there just in time to rescue O ( and the staff) from another momentous meltdown

I’ve spent so much time at the school I’ve probably qualified as a teacher , or something.
I’ve had endless meetings and appointments.
I’ve spent more time talking to the head teacher and the SENCO than any friend or family member.
I’ve cried in the office so often that they now have the tissues ready for me whenever I get called in to talk to someone.
I’ve cried with anger , frustration , despair and sadness. Sadness that my little boy has struggled so much.
But we have got here. In one piece. Narrowly avoiding exclusion on many occasions.
And I’m now certain that things have been put in place to make year 4 go much more smoothly.

During this time my 19 year old has completed another year of uni.
My girls have completed year 10 ,9 and 7 and do it all so well.
And the 16 year old , well he’s not had a great year at school ( when he turned up ) but he’s now found something he wants to do.
He’s had his college interview and enrolled.
He got there in the end.
So I must be doing something right.

Now I’m in desperate need of a rest.
So the alarm clock will be getting switched off.
Lots of reading and slobbing around will be done.
As well as lots of sleeping.

This summer holiday feels like its been a long time coming.

So I intend to do every bit of relaxing possible.


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