Teacher bashing


I’ve seen ALOT of tweets moaning about teachers and school this week ,
Now I could moan about teachers and schools , I have two sons who frankly have been let down by their schools when they have needed help for special needs , I’ve been cross with teachers and cross with the schools because they are who I deal with on a daily basis.
But even I realise that it isn’t actually the teachers fault or in fact the schools fault if they can’t deal with special needs adequately.
It’s the fault of the government for failing to provide enough funding , training and for not having systems in place that work.
I’m sure that most schools and teachers do the best they can with what they have and what they know .
As in every other walk of life I’ve come across teachers that I didn’t like or didn’t feel were doing a great job but I’ve also come across many teachers that I feel have done their best for my children and many great teachers that have been above and beyond supportive.
I think there needs to be better special education needs provisions , better understanding of special education needs and I’d also like more control over what I put in my kids lunch boxes and better school dinners , but it’s the government and the local education authorities who are responsible for these things.
I’d like to be able to afford to take the kids on holiday during school holidays but it isn’t the fault of schools that holiday companies take advantage of families. Or that the government wants to fine people for taking term time holidays
Yes teachers get long holidays but I’d like to believe that because they work such long hours and work so hard to educate our kids that they deserve these holidays. Also teachers don’t get to go on holiday during term time.
I’m all for highlighting the failings of our education system but I think it’s the government that needs bashing not teachers.
And this is coming from someone who leaves the school at pick up time full of anger and frustration every day.


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