Bust a move


I’ve been a bit glum.
Actually ALOT Glum.
The heat hasn’t been making me any less glum , I had written and was about to publish a glum post about being too hot.
But first the kitchen was calling.
All the boring stuff like washing , making food ….
In the kitchen O was singing , jar of hearts. I love that song
Which made me think I hadn’t heard that song for a while.
Which made me think I hadn’t played a cd for a while
Which made me plug the CD player in.
Which led us to a couple of hours of kitchen dancing.
And singing.
And more dancing .
Out of tune , badly ,
And not caring.
We sang we danced I forgot how hot and bothered I was and I forgot that things are all a bit glum right now.
And now I feel much happier.
I’ll admit to my playlist … That’s how much I don’t care.
We had a bit Of Take That. Belted out a few classics .. Back for good .. Million love songs … Shine …
Then we did two GLEE CDs. ( I love my glee CDs )
And we finished with some one direction.

I had a kitchen dance to one direction.
And it was good.
And fun .
And a kitchen dance doesn’t make everything go away but it sure as heck makes you feel a bit better along the way.

Get our your favourite CDs.
Turn that volume up ,
Gather the kids
Warm up your voice
Get busting some moves.

* this post reveals an insight into my slightly questionable taste in music
Don’t hate me.


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