To make or not to make ..


I’m a little fussy ! It’s true.
I’m by no means the tidiest person, I never actually seem to get everything done , but I like things done the way i like things done and there’s one thing I just can’t stand.
Unmade beds.
Now I know it’s best to leave the covers pulled back a while to air the beds. I do that I open the windows in the morning and leave the beds while I faff about with breakfast and getting lots of people out of the door but then I just have to make the beds.
The kids don’t see the point you’re just going to mess it up again especially at the weekend when I’m nagging and nagging them to do their beds.
But there’s a certain satisfaction to be gained from seeing nice tidy beds. Even if I don’t get everything else done knowing the beds are all tidy is a lovely thing.
And most important to me is knowing that at bedtime , when I’ve made it through another day , there will be a nice smooth tidy bed with the pillows all puffed up waiting for me.
Who wants to get into a messy bed with scrumply pillows and a bundled up duvet ?
Not me !
Is it just me ? Do I just make extra work for myself or do you feel the same about a tidy bed.


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