One people.


“it takes a village to raise a child “ that’s an old quote. I don’t know who said it but somebody did.
It’s a nice idea isn’t it.
Everyone helping out , chipping in , caring.
I don’t know if times were ever like this , but they sure as heck aren’t now.
The “village” are too busy wheeling themselves to hell in a hand cart to be chipping in with anything.
What’s going on ?
What is happening?
When did humanity decide to take a headlong dive straight down the pan ?
Or was it always like this ?
Everywhere I look , the news , the papers , twitter , all around me it’s all going wrong. Time is moving on but we aren’t progressing.
It’s 2013

Racism , homophobia , discrimination, poverty , greed , violence , hatred.
The people running countries are running them into the ground.
The systems that are supposed to help people don’t work.
The law often seems to be more on the side of the perpetrator than the victim
It’s all just wrong
Where does it go from here ?
What next ?
It’s not the dark ages anymore. We have ways and means to educate ourselves.
To learn to behave differently.
To learn to understand.
I know kindness and understanding is out there.
I know it is.
I see it.
I see it on twitter.
People coming together to encourage and support each other.
People helping each other.
I’ve been on the receiving end of lots of twitter kindness!
But there’s just not enough of it.
Out there , in the world.
Why does it matter about the colour of a persons skin or their sexual orientation ?
Why are the disabled held up as a burden on society?
Why are the poor kicked when they are down?
Why is religion a reason to hate ?

We are all human beings , all sharing the same planet.

One people , one planet.

We need to fight for each other , for humanity , for the future.
We need to take a stand , speak out , against the wrongs that are all around us. Support one another. Look out for one another.
Educate ourselves and each other.
No longer tolerate harm and hatred . Stand shoulder to shoulder.
Not with violence and anger , there’s too much of that.
But with small things that become big things.
Things that spread and grow.
Love . Kindness. Understanding.

An act of kindness is an act of love.
And from love grows more love.
An act of kindness is a small thing
That can make big things happen.

We are all one people.
On one planet.


It has to start somewhere , surely kindness is a good place to start.


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