Pupil referral unit.


You know sometimes you walk into a new place and you just know , you can feel how lovely a place is.
That’s how I felt when I took O to the PRU today for his admission meeting.
We arrived at 9:00 am , half an hour early , and it was very busy as children were being dropped off but we were given a warm welcome and shown to the comfy chairs , while we waited for our meeting I was watching the children and staff , everybody looked very happy to be there. The reception area was full of people saying good morning and kids being dropped off very happily. Whilst we sat there 2 children came over to show us toys and say hello and another child invited O to play a game with him , obviously O declined.
The main corridor – was full of displays , photographs , and tables with dinosaurs , puzzles and lots of interesting things on.
Although we were 30 minutes early we only waited for ten minutes before O’s lovely smiley new PRU teacher came and took us into a little meeting room.
O didn’t want to sit but she gave him a bean bag , hard chair and comfy chair just in case. She started by telling O that she would be very nervous and would have a funny feeling in her tummy if she was visiting there for the first time which put him at ease a little. Because he was very nervous. She told us all about the PRU and asked lots of questions about O and what O likes to do.
He was very fidgety and was doing lots of facial tics and shouting out words , mostly mamma Mia today ! But the whole time she reassured him that that was ok. And she gave him time to answer things when he found it hard.
The teacher explained that there are four classrooms with only 6 children each. Each classroom has a teacher and a TA. O will be going twice a week to start with ( hopefully that will increase ) he will have one afternoon and one morning each week. The staff from the PRU take the children to and fro by car , which O is quite happy about as he loves cars , he’s already wondering what kind of car it will be.
To finish up we had a tour of the building. The whole place is bright , colourful , with computers in all the classrooms and lots of fun stuff everywhere. We walked in on a class and when the teacher told them we were having a look round one pupil suggested that everyone should introduce themselves to O. They all did very politely. We had a look outside at the playground it’s brand new with lovely climbing frames ,planting areas , astro turf and a whole shed full of bikes and scooters.
O was due to start in September but as things are not going well at school they want him to have a few sessions before the summer holiday so he will either start on Friday this week or otherwise definitely Wednesday next week.
I think O is really going to like it there and I believe it will do him ALOT of good.


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