What’s the point ?


Somebody said to me today ” what’s the point of making a website about autism if you haven’t even got a formal diagnosis for O yet ?”
Actually it was my eldest. Supportive huh ?
The fact is I haven’t got a formal diagnosis for O yet but CAMHS said they believe his IS on the autistic spectrum. The educational psychologist that observed him also said he displays autistic traits. And the on the child communication forms that the school filled in just now the school scored O highly ( the actual highest score ) on almost every question.
So yes I don’t have a formal diagnosis , but all evidence suggests I will.
However if CAMHS were to say to me ” actually it seems that O isn’t on the spectrum “would I just stop caring about something that I’ve spent alot of time reading and learning about and that I’ve become very interested in ? No I wouldn’t. I would still believe that there needs to be more understanding and acceptance of autism. And I would still believe that there needs to be more support. All support is good ,I think that anything that raises awareness of any issue is a good thing, and really there can’t be too much understanding about Autism can there ?
So , I’m going to carry on making my website , aside from anything else I’m enjoying it and I’m a bit proud of it.
If it were to turn out that O isn’t on the spectrum I will be happy for O but I’ll still carry on.
The point is that we all need to help each other in any way we can however big or small


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  1. Agreed and although diagnosis is important we must also remember that Autism exist on a spectrum and the line that defines whether someone is autistic or not is an entirely human construct. I know a lot of children without a formal diagnosis who have autistic traits and many of the methods of helping my own ‘diagnosed’ son that I have used have helped them too. Support is the key word. And by doing this you are encouraging support. Well done. 🙂

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