Scoring high ( o – 8 y/o )


CAMHS gave me some questionnaires for myself and the school to fill in .. I told school that I would return their copy to CAMHS ( because it only takes me 5 minutes to pop there) but mostly because I wanted to read it. It was in a sealed envelop but obviously I opened it.
I started reading it as I walked home from school but I soon had to just stop walking and take in what I was seeing.
The questionnaires are child communication checklists , lots and lots of questions for example
Does your child speak in a strange tone of voice , maybe sounding as though he’s acting ?

Does the child talk pedantically about subjects that no one else is interested in

Does the child have an exceptionally good memory

Does the child often have a blank face when you would expect happiness , sadness etc
And lost more in depth questions along those lines.
You answer by scoring the child for how often that behaviour is seen , from 0-3 or 0-6 with 3 or 6 being the ” worst scores ” ( they happen frequently , every day )
O scored the 3 or 6 on almost EVERY question.
I was starting to feel a little crushed.
Then I turned the page , hang on a minute I thought , he’s got the lowest scores on this page. Whoop whoop. It’s not all bad.
Then I read the top of the page. Yes, the scoring system was different on the page. Still ALL the worst scores.
totally crushed
It’s just awful reading these things about your child. Even if you already most of it seeing it written down is awful

I’ve filled mine in. The scores aren’t quite so awful ( not far off) but that’s because he’s happier with me and at home.

I’m heartbroken because life is obviously … Well frankly a bit sh*t for my boy right now.
But I am going to deliver the forms on Monday morning so hopefully CAMHS will give us another appointment quickly ?
Surely with O scoring as he did they really do need to do something now


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