Butterfly minds.


I floated this idea around a couple of weeks ago but I soon realised I didn’t have a clue how to do it. It’s harder than I thought but …
My idea was that I want to make a website that is useful / helpful to parents of ASD kids. What I want to have on there are links to autism organisations , links to autism blogs , any useful info I can find , lists of things such as books which I found useful ( including non fiction) and most importantly I want it to be full of people’s stories and experiences. Their feelings , hopes , fears etc so that there is a place where we can see that we are not alone in going through it.
I would be so grateful to anyone who shares their experiences. I’ll be happy to post anything that is written for the site. My knowledge and experience of autism is still very small !
My email is gretheplus7@yahoo.co.uk.
The support on twitter today has been amazing , but this is harder than I expected ( my ideas always are) so I would gladly appreciate any support.
I’m only just learning about autism but I really hope that i can eventually make a site that can do some good.
The website is butterflyminds.mpresence.net please take a look.
Constructive advice and criticism are very welcome.


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