Progress !


Today’s appointment at CAMHS Went better than I expected. I decided not to prepare O this time , because last time I prepared him so well that he was so very comfortable with the situation that the psychiatrists first impression was that there was nothing wrong.
I didn’t prepare him at all this time other than saying we were going to CAMHS. , I had to literally drag him to the hospital. We were kept waiting for a while so he was quite agitated when we were called in , there were also a few tears. I didn’t like seeing O like that but I needed them to see how O is when he’s anxious or unprepared, as they won’t observe him in school.
We saw two psychiatrists today , they asked O lots of questions and based on his answers and the reports from school they agreed that O IS on the autistic spectrum. They have given me questionnaires for myself and the school to fill in to help assess where he is on the spectrum ,
The consultant psychiatrist also said that O’s noises and words are tourrettes. ( I already knew that ) they are going to medicate him to help control the tics as well as speech and language therapy as he said that the tourrettes will have a bad impact on the autism and the autism will have a bad impact on the tourrettes .
If we can get the tics under control O should be able to at least feel less self conscious particularly at school.
O has to have an ECG before he gets the medication so I’m going to ask our gp to arrange that for as soon as possible.
Im so relieved to actually feel that at last this has been taken seriously. I know there are no quick fixes or easy answers , and I haven’t been given a date for our next appointment yet ( they will give us an appointment once the ECG is arranged and the questionnaires are returned )but I think we made huge progress today.
I KNEW that O wasn’t just playing up or being difficult and I feel like he has been vindicated for some of his behaviour that has been seen as simply being naughty
I’m hoping that we make more progress before the new school year starts so that year 4 can start much more smoothly for O.
I’m not upset by today because honestly I already knew ,
it feels like a big positive step forward to be able to help O.


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