What the macaroni poo ….??


O has had his vocal tics for quite a while now , we’ve got used to the ones he has , every now and then a new one pops up , his main ones up till now have been ” humma humma” ” what you do ” “ahoy ” “hey hey ” and ” whatyousaythattomefor” but he’s got a bunch of new ones recently and they are not a great bunch.
His new ones include ” what the poo? ”
” he poo’d on me ” what you poo” ” whatyousaythatpoofor” and most strangely ” what the macaroni poo ”

The new ones are accompanied by pointing. Full arm pointing. Very sudden.

We talk about his words so that he hopefully feels comfortable talking about them and sometimes me and O will have a little laugh at his words because actually they can be a little funny. Other people laugh at him so I want to know that it’s ok to laugh at the words. I want him to understand that sometimes people laugh because they don’t understand. Because I don’t want him to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about these words / noises.
Honestly it beaks my heart when I hear that he’s got more words to add to his increasing list but I don’t let him know that. I will do whatever I must to help him him cope with this. Hopefully he will be starting speech and language therapy soon. Hopefully they can teach him some techniques to control the tics.
In the meantime I do wish though that his brain wouldn’t come up with so many tics that include poo.
Although it could be worse.


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  1. Hey, some of those phrases could catch on! I hope he gets help soon, but he’s expressing himself and that should not be suppressed so you’re doing the right thing talking about it with him. The more aware he is, the more he might be able to gain some control. They are very creative words. Remember the blog I wrote with the bbc article on mental health and creativity? Perhaps he needs an outlet. I’ll be interested to hear what the therapist says when they eventually give the poor lad some help.
    Honest to goodness Grethe, one day you’ll have to write the whole story. They would turn it into a movie. Who would play you?
    If it were my life, I would want Jodi Foster to play me.

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