First concert adventure


We like Take That in our house.
Actually , no, we LOVE them.
I kind of missed the boat the first time around but when they came back I jumped right on the boat and discovered what id been missing.
Play a take that song in our house and we will all be singing along giving it our all like a chorus of out of tune cats. If one of the boys is on telly we’ll be watching. Gary makes the X factor worth watching even though its pretty crap.
Mark was always my favourite though.
My 13 y/o is THEIR BIGGEST FAN EVER. she adores them. All of them. It’s her birthday next month and when I saw that mark was playing in shepherds bush I thought it might be fun to buy her a ticket for her birthday. I was really surprised how cheap they were. So I booked tickets for last night.
I have been to shepherds bush but I don’t know my way round and I had no idea where the shepherds bush empire was ,the bus journey , the only way I knew goes through lots of heavy traffic so we decided to get the tube.
I’m not good with the tube – surprisingly as I’m a life long Londoner – and I’m a big worrier if I have to go somewhere new , so I was a little worried about the journey. The doors opened at 7 , so we left at 4:45 , I thought that allowed plenty of time for getting lost , but actually the journey turned out to be really easy- We had to stop to look at a lot of tube maps and the screenshots I had on my phone of the directions , and the ticket machine stumped me , luckily a station guard came over and used the machine for me. She must have noticed the blank look on my face !- But we got there without any mishaps just before 6
From the tube station We asked directions and found the Empire really easily. The biggest clue was the ENORMOUS queue outside.
We queued from 6 till 7 but the time went really quickly. We were in the queue with some lovely chatty people and before we knew it the doors opened.


We managed to get quite a good spot , not very far back from the stage – until the tallest man in the whole place parked himself smack bang in front of me- but the 13 y/o kept managing to get herself further forward.
The support band were someone we’d never heard of , Animal Kingdom but we really enjoyed them , the whole crowd seemed to. They were so good I’m going to look them up on iTunes.
After they played , there was a bit of excitement in the crowd , Howard appeared in the audience , only about 6 feet away from us. The place erupted into screams and chants of HOWARD HOWARD , which made the whole night even more exciting for the 13 y/o .
When Mark came on stage he got such a huge welcome from the audience ( who were mostly women of around my age , late thirties , I thought my daughter was the youngest one there)
Mark was fantastic , he sang some of his old songs , clementine, four second warning ( which went down a storm ) , some of his new songs from the new album , I didn’t know any of them but I loved them all , and my favourite bit was when he sang some take that songs. Some of my favourites , rule the world , shine , hold up a light , flood and up all night.
He does a beautiful job of them songs on his own.
The 13 y/o loved every minute of it. She sang along , swayed , bopped , waved her arms ! This is her happy concert face

Every song was a treat. He sounds amazing live. And plays the keyboard and guitar brilliantly.
He pours himself tea from his teapot Inbetween songs.
It felt like it was over really quick. But it was almost ten thirty when we came out of the empire.
I treated us to a mcflurry for the journey home , we managed the tube journey really well , and did some high fiving of each other for being excellent tube travellers and we finally got home just before midnight.
We both fell into bed , tired but happy.
It was an absolutely fantastic night. Now Im off to download his album.


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