The joy of twitter


Twitter , I really do think its a great thing.
A lot of people I know in real life dont use it. I don’t think they get it.
And I must admit when I first joined twitter a few years ago I didn’t really get it.
When you start out it can be a bit like shouting in an empty room.
You don’t know who to follow or how to get followers.
I started out just following celebrities , TV shows , sky news , magazines. And I was happy just reading my twitter feed to catch up on news and tv gossip.
But celebrities don’t tweet back and they don’t follow us normal types.
So if I had anything I wanted to tweet I was tweeting it to nobody.
I started following a few people who followed things I followed and sat back and watched conversations trying to work out if I would fit in with them. Gradually I followed more and a few followed back.
I only had 88 followers for a long long time but slowly I started having conversations , which others would join in with and I’ve built up to 243 followers. It’s not earth shattering but I think it’s quite respectable. I’ve weeded out a lot of accounts I followed at the beginning. And now I can say that I really like everyone I follow.
My timeline is usually lively. Funny. Always fast moving. Supportive.Alot of the people I follow follow each other so there’s a nice sense of being part of something.
I don’t tweet much of actual interest but by now the people who follow me know what I tweet and they mostly stick around. thank you for sticking around
When you start you don’t really know what you are getting into. How do you know what type of person you may be talking to ? But over time through your own conversations you work out what people are like and by seeing how they interact with others you really do get a sense of what sort of person they are.
Most of the people I follow are mums , because I mostly tweet mum stuff.
I’ve locked my account because I want some control over who sees what I tweet. And I’m quite careful. I dont tweet my address , the name of my road. What schools my kids go to etc and I try not to tweet the kids names , overall I feel safe on twitter.
There’s someone to listen to my grumbling at the end of the day. I get a lot of support from fellow tweeters, and
My timeline keeps me entertained on buses etc ,it also adds a bit of fun to TV shows , you can see other people opinions on what you are watching while you are watching. and join in with the excitement of programmes like Britains got talent or the X factor. You can talk about what you are reading , I’ve read a couple of books that were recommended to me by people on twitter. That I probably wouldn’t have looked at otherwise.
Today I was so incredibly lucky that a twitter friend was amazingly kind and bought me a washing machine.
I didn’t ask for it , they just did this wonderful kind thing.
Unlike face book with all of its ” inspiration ” twitter is more like a conversation. People tweet what’s happening now what they are feeling now you can drop into or out of a chat about almost anything. I didn’t know about blogging till I started reading people’s blogs via twitter and now I read some great blogs. It also inspired me to start blogging.its not the best blog on earth but its mine it’s something I do that just mine. It’s my place I go to when I have peace and quite and where I can talk about anything I want , really because its my blog.
If you’re new to twitter find the right people to follow , it’s all about who you follow and I think you’ll enjoy it
It doesn’t have to take over , I tweet mostly at bedtime or after dinner when the kids are busy doing their own thing.
If you use it sensibly I think twitter can be a real joy to be a part of.


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