A twitter angel.


My washing machine broke yesterday. It’s been on its way out for a while.
It wasn’t spinning at the end of the programme , I had to put it on the spin cycle afterwards. And the drawer was overflowing so I couldn’t put detergent in the drawer. The rubber seal also wasn’t working properly it was leaking every time I washed.i was hoping it would hold out till after the summer. With 3 summer birthdays and 5 uniforms to buy there’s no way I could replace it yet.
Anyway yesterday it bowed out.
I do three washes a day and still have baskets full of washing , we had also been swimming yesterday so we had large wet towels and swimming costumes.
I tweeted in the evening that it had broken , not because I wanted someone to buy me a new one , just because that’s what I do. I moan a lot and vent a lot on twitter.
This morning I was absolutely stunned to get a tweet saying that a twitter friend has bought me a washing machine. A brand new washing machine that will be coming this week.
I never even imagined that there were people this kind that would do something so wonderful for someone. I’m so grateful and I can’t actually get my head around it.
I have been very very lucky.
I have read a lot lately about people saying that online friends aren’t real friends.
But I can say for sure that this is just not true.


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