Life is like a bowl of soup


It’s so simple . So easy . So soupy.
It’s yummy and it’s full of soupy goodness .
I want to like soup. I really do. I want to enjoy it. I really do.
But I struggle with soup.
I don’t know why. I just do. I find it very hard to eat soup.
I don’t remember any soup related disasters happening to me , I don’t know when I stopped being able to eat soup. I just know that I find it really hard.
There’s a soup that I really like the taste of , convent garden carrot and coriander. The one that comes in the carton and looks so wholesome and delicious.
It’s been a while since I tried eating soup but I’ve been trying to eat a bit better lately and eat different stuff , sometimes I get stuck in a rut and buy the same food over and over.
So three weeks ago I bought soup.
It looked good. It smelled excellent and actually it tasted very good. But I just couldn’t get my head around eating soup. Eating smooth liquidised hot carrots just feels weird to me. I like to dip bread in the soup and I enjoy it that way all soaked up into the bread , but when the bread is gone and I have to eat the soup from the bowl I just find it hard.
I can’t just keep eating the soup on the bread because I’d need a good few slices of bread to soak up a bowl of soup.
I bought more of the soup last week , and again today , I’m determined.
But still it’s not quite right.
I’m just not ‘getting’ soup.
I will keep on trying though because I really do want to like soup.Im not sure why , I just really do. Maybe some people just like soup. They always have done , they want soup ,they make it , they eat it. Maybe some people just won’t eat soup , they don’t like it , they don’t get it , so they just don’t eat it. They don’t know that with a little time they may find that they can like it.
And maybe there are people like me. Who want to like soup. And keep trying to like it. Even if they need the help of some bread for now , but they won’t give up until one day they eat soup.

Perhaps life is like soup.
Some can. Some think they can’t. And some just keep trying and won’t quit till they get good at it.

I will eat that soup one day.


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