The marvel that is the sandwich


For my lunch today I made my absolute favourite sandwich. I’ll tell you what it was a bit later on, the suspense is killing you , right ?
While I sat enjoying this , my favourite sandwich and actually my favourite meal of all time I pondered just how wonderful a thing the sandwich is.
Taking its name from the 4th Earl of Sandwich after he asked his servants to put some meat between 2 slices of bread whilst he played cards ( although he didnt ‘invent ‘ putting a filling between two slices ) the sandwich has fans all over the world. Fads and fashions come and go but the humble sandwich remains. And in fact goes from strength to strength. There are whole sections in shops dedicated to the sandwich , even shops that specialise in the sandwich.
It comes in so many variations. An endless list of varieties. You can have it on brown , white , seeded , you name it , there’s a bread for everyone. you can pile it high with layers of fillings , hot food , cold food , or spread it with a savoury spread , marmite , cheese spread , pâté , you can even smother lashings of sweet spread. Jam , lemon curd , chocolate spread , anything goes.
You surely cannot deny the simple joy of a crisp sandwich , so quick ,so easy , yet so crispy!
In America they like the peanut butter and jelly ( jam) sandwich. Not sure why that hasn’t caught on over here , possibly because it sounds vile ? But , each to their own.
A banana sandwich is in my opinion , the only way to eat a banana. In fact I actually can’t eat a banana if its not in a sandwich.
At our school sports days the sandwiches were almost always filled with egg ,not for me , the egg sandwich
And then of course there’s the humble chip butty , simple ,but hot steaming carbohydratey joy. You can even have a toasted sandwich. Your favourite fillings in hot crispy bread , if you put cheese in it gets all melty gooey and extra delicious.
When you’ve decided what to put in your sandwich there’s the presentation , cut into triangles perhaps , perfect for picnics and parties , are squares your thing ? Or perhaps a simple cut down the middle? Crusts on or crusts off ?
I’ll eat the crust on a brown bread sandwich but not a white. It will make your hair curl if you eat the crusts you know , that’s what the dinner ladies told us at school. Maybe that’s why my hair is so limp. Yes , I’ll blame it on not eating all of my crusts!
Do you make a dainty sandwich that you can pick up and eat , no mess , perhaps just a slight dribble down your chin or do make such such a big hearty sandwich that a knife and fork is really the only way to go ?
Growing up we spent a lot of time in Norway staying with my Nan , there we had open sandwiches. Very Scandinavian , la dee da.
You can always count on the sandwich , kids hungry , need something quick … You can rustle up a sandwich in moments.
Unexpected guests , nothing to feed them , there’s always bread in the cupboard , that bit of cheese you’ve got in the back of the fridge , whack it on , et voila you’ve made them lunch.
And it’s so perfectly portable , lunch for work , packed lunch for can even make the sandwiches into clever shapes , surprise your child with a dinosaur shaped sandwich , or cut a funny face into it. Endless fun . Is there no end to the joy of sandwiches ?

Look and marvel at the presentation that’s gone into this fine specimen of a crisp sandwich made by @ADadCalledSpen, for me it’s the carefully placed cherry tomato that makes all the difference.

Now I’ll tell you what my all time favourite sandwich is …. Quorn bacon slices , fried , with fried cherry tomatoes , on brown hovis bread ,spread with clover seedburst , not forgetting lots of barbecue sauce drizzled on to the quorn bacon , before the tomatoes go on.
This for me is the king of all sandwiches !
I asked twitter what their favourite sandwich is ( as you will see I was swamped with replies :-/ )

also this” @oldpoyntz: @8TOZERS ooh I like chicken & stuffing or salmon & cream cheese”
As you can see twitter , well 7 of them are fans of the savoury sandwich.

Sandwiches they really are the best thing since sliced bread.
* disclaimer , this post was not sponsored by a sandwich , just inspired by one 🙂


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