Facebook friend or foe


I rarely go on Facebook anymore. I just don’t enjoy it. As I’ve said on my blog a few times its all inspirational pictures and quotes. Stupid pictures asking for likes and lately more and more racist posts.
People who I’ve considered enough of a friend to add on facebook post stuff that I see as racist or bigotted I don’t like it. I don’t go on Facebook to see this kind of thing.
I’ve been shot down in flames lately twice. The first time because I said the thatcher jokes on the day of her death were unnecessary , whatever she was , she was a mum , a grandmother etc , and I think a lot of the jokes etc are posted purely to get likes or to follow the fb sheep. I was blasted as naive , foolish , she was compared to Fred west and hitler ! Now you’re welcome to dislike whoever you want but I’m also allowed to state that I don’t like it.
I’m quite pleased that I’m able to hold my own and make my point in an articulate way.
The second time I got blasted was for writing a status saying I was upset by how much racism I’d seen on my TL last week.
I said there was too much racism and often too much homophobia and slagging off of those on benefits going on.
I was within seconds blasted as being a condescending preacher. And my status was shared with the title ” preaching at its best ”
I’m not a preacher. I rarely speak up on these things. For fear of being blasted for doing so. But
every now and then I just have to say something. I never single anyone out I just write on my status that I don’t like it. And if people have the right to write it surely I have the right to say I don’t like it.
The people being frankly nasty to me were actual friends. Who I’ve now removed and blocked.
Why on Facebook are people so quick to defend the right to be racist or bigoted but so against the right to speak out about it. Aren’t they both freedom of speech ? Perhaps because you get more likes for writing the controversial stuff , and fb is all about how many likes you can get these days.
I haven’t seen any such things on my twitter time line. Thankfully. Which is why I take twitter over Facebook nowadays.
But it’s a shame.
And one more thing ,why are the people on Facebook with the most crap to say always the least literate and least articulate. A lot of mouth but not so much brain , perhaps ?
I now refrain from ever having an opinion on anything atall on fb in case I annoy the next person looking to publicly take someone down. Because let’s face it that is what it actually is.
Is my friend list really a list of friends. I’m not sure.


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  1. Your friends sound unpleasant, I think you’ve done the right thing by blocking them. I no longer discuss opinions on Facebook because I’m fed up with being told to lighten up, and I rarely post anything there these days. You’re right, Twitter’s much better

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