Book review : Room



My mum passed this book on to me after she had read it , I didn’t actually think it looked much good but at a loss for anything else to read this weekend I gave it a try.
I was completely captivated by the first couple of pages. Almost immediately I knew I had to know what happened. I wanted Jack and Ma to be okay, to be safe .
The book is written in the voice of Jack.
Jack is five years old and has lived his whole life in one room with his Ma. He’s never seen outside , he watches tv but believes everything he sees on there is only TV not real.
Until one day Ma tells him that she used to live outside of room, before she was kidnapped by old nick.
The author gets Jacks voice just right. It’s young and innocent but not babyish. It takes nothing away from the story that it is narrated in the voice of a five year old. In fact it makes the story all the more moving.
Ma and jack make a plan to escape but it means that jack had to be very brave and go to outside on his own. Is jack brave enough ? Will Nick find out their plan ?
I thoroughly enjoyed this book , I almost read it in one sitting.
It’s a book about love between mother and child and how strong that love is even in the most difficult of circumstances . How love makes you strong.
Definitely a book I would recommend .


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