More meds and needles …


I went back to the doctor today with a long list of ailments. So many in fact that they’ve asked me to book double appointments in future.
Since I took my first dose of methotrexate for my psoriatic arthritis last Wednesday I’ve not felt right atall. I have constant nausea , I threw up quite a bit last week as well as light headed ness. This is unfortunately a side effect of the medication because its a powerful drug but my gp has given me anti sickness medication to ease it. She said that for some people they get past the nausea but some can’t tolerate the medication so it’s just wait and see.
I’m not looking forward to the second dose tomorrow but I’ve started taking the anti sickness tablets today in preparation.
We discussed the migraines I’ve been having recently and the gp feels they are probably caused by the fact that I’m on so much medication coupled with lots of stress. She wants me to try to manage on less painkillers. Maybe holding out till bedtime as she said that taking too many painkillers can contribute to getting migraines.
She checked my eyes and my blood pressure which were normal so she said there’s nothing for me to be really worried about.
Then we talked about the bad tummy I’ve had for two years now. And she has diagnosed me with irritable bowel syndrome i had an endoscopy two years ago which didn’t show anything , I’ve tried some medication incase of any bowel infection but its not getting any better. I only have one or two days in a week where I can eat without it going straight through me. I can’t eat out anymore because that makes me very ill. And I often survive on diet coke alone.
She’s sending me for more blood tests to see if I have inflammatory irritable bowel syndrome or the non inflammatory kind. She thinks I have the non inflammatory kind , which is apparently harder to treat as its mostly a case of learning exactly what I can and can’t eat and all the medication I’m on can contribute to having a bad tummy. She’s also having me tested for coeliac disease , mostly to rule it out so they can plan how to help me better.
So on top of the fortnightly blood tests I have to have FOREVER * shudders , passes out * I have to have two more tomorrow.
My medicine cupboard looks like a pharmacy and I have a pile of blood test forms that fill me with dread , did I mention I also have to do a stool sample BLEURGH * vomits* but at least I’m starting to get things diagnosed. After two years of being really poorly hopefully we can get things under control. None of the conditions I have is curable but at least with the right care and treatments they should be easier to live with.


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  1. there’s nothing i can say, except i hope that your GP is really taking an interest. I have heard that most GP’s in the UK only work according to their pay grade and no one iota more. Sad, but the truth. In South Africa, the ass-end of the world, we would have been referred to a number of specialists by now – you have so many different things going on that a GP simply cannot handle everything. I’m so sorry that all this is STILL going on – in all the years we’ve be FB friends, i haven’t seen one positive thing come out of your visits to the GP. I really hope this doctor will finally get to the root of the problem – reading this blog tells me that you have no quality of life and that’s not right or fair.
    I will always pray for you, and one day (hopefully soon, soon) there’ll be a good report

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