The continuing failure of CAMHS


I was called into a meeting at the 8 year olds school today. They told me that his worrying behaviour is becoming progressively worse. He hardly spends anytime in the classroom and he has now become so difficult to cope with that they can only have him for half days for now until he receives some proper help ,
I also have to stay for the first thirty minutes to an hour of every day to settle him down.
The school no longer know how to help him. And it’s having an impact on all of the staff involved. As well as the other children at school.
Although it has been months since the school first requested CAMHS involvement and then asked for an emergency appointment 3 times , we have only seen CAMHS once , at an hour long appointment with me and my mum present in a small room where O did not feel threatened or overwhelmed. They decided then that there wasn’t much wrong.
Since then they have had a detailed report from the school about o’s worsening behaviour as well as a letter from myself. And still they have only offered us an appointment on June 17th.
This is too long.
If it has got to the point where the school can no longer cope with him and feel its damaging him to be in school full time then it’s clear that O needs help NOW. surely he has the right to have help so his education is not damaged any further.
He is missing out on his education because CAMHS are not getting involved and putting help in place for him.
We cannot move forward any more until CAMHS takes action.
The school are going to email CAMHS with an updated report on how bad things are for O , they are going to ask for CAMHS to observe O in school. ( Although I’m not hopeful about them doing this )And I am going to write another letter to the consultant psychiatrist ( who I know very well as he’s been failing my 17 y/o for 7 years) and tell him in no uncertain terms that I will not sit back and allow him to fail my child any longer. I don’t know if its the done thing for me to write to him but I do know its not the done thing to neglect a child in need.
I just cannot get my head around the fact that it is so difficult to get help for a child who so obviously needs help desperately.
His behaviour is far from normal. And he isn’t behaving ” BADLY” He is a child that can’t cope with people, noise , social situations , change , he needs a very rigid structure and constant supervision. He is scared and vulnerable and has uncontrollable rages, When he becomes overwhelmed.
I WANT HELP FOR MY CHILD NOW. I don’t know how to get that help. I don’t know where to go when CAMHS are failing. But I will spend every minute of every day fighting until someone helps my child.


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  1. Oh love….I think writing a letter is a really good idea. Hopefully between you and the school keeping up the pressure together, something will happen. In the meantime, you could always talk to CAMHS about the possibility of taking a cancellation slot – it might mean you phoning them every day to check but if you can get in on a cancellation, you might get seen sooner which would make it worth the effort…Are the school really allowed to only take him for half days until this is sorted? You should talk to your LEA too and see if there is anything they can do to help or advise you with re: school. Big hugs to you both – you’re doing as much as you can xxx

  2. I agree with PP, ring every day and see if you can get a cancellation slot. Having to wait a month in this situation is far too long! Is there only the one consultant psychiatrist that you can see? Well done to you and the school keeping on the pressure, hopefully this will get results for you xx

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