I’m leaving … It’s not me, it’s you


Facebook , my first experience of social media , back when the 8 year old was just a toddler. I made contact with long lost friends. People I had gone to school with ,people I had grown up with , and some of them have become really good friends. I’ve socialised with them and they’ve been there for me through a lot of ups and downs.I’ve also made friends with people I didn’t know at all before Facebook. I’ve enjoyed having Facebook. But it’s changed. I’m not sure what changed or when but its just not the same.
These days my time line is full of inspirational quotes , homophobic and racist rubbish , stupid pictures that are there just to get likes , and status updates or pics that ” raise awareness , as if getting lots of likes can cure cancer. ( if people want to raise awareness , which is actually a great thing to do , it would be much better to click on the website of chosen cause and see how you can really raise awareness )
So many status updates are people sniping at eachother , I’m not interested in playground arguements , and now whenever I’m about to post a status my first thought is always ” but do I trust everyone on Facebook?” “Is someone going to use my status for a bit of gossip?”it’s been done to me and I don’t like it.
You are damned if you have an opinion on Facebook , people who never interact with you will pop up just to hurl abuse at you for your opinion, when actually the people you have on Facebook are supposed to be friends. I have nothing against a difference of opinion , just the way people voice thier difference of opinion. Friends don’t snipe , gossip, abuse eachother. It’s all gotten a bit boring.
I’ve found myself much more drawn to twitter.
Twitter moves fast , it’s all conversation , opinion , advice , support , even fun. You can always jump into a conversation and have a good giggle with people. You can ask twitter anything and usually get your answer , if you need a bit of support its there. I’ve made friends on twitter that I can actually email and text when I need to. I’ve never experienced anyone unpleasant on my twitter. If I did I would simply block them. I actually genuinely like everyone I interact with on twitter. And my account is locked so I can choose who looks at my twitter.
You can go for days without tweeting and when you come back you can just jump in. You will be welcomed back!
I won’t shut down my Facebook completely because there are some people I don’t want to loose. But for now I’m leaving , until someone has something more to post than a picture of a flower asking me to like if I love my daughter.
Look after yourself Facebook , maybe we can be friends again one day.


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  1. Here here!
    I also feel unable to leave due to family and a few select few. It’s quite a horrid playground now, I do like it for the groups though. Twitter rocks!

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