Good days are like buses ….


…. You wait for ages and then two come along together.
I slept in till 9 this morning and after a cuddle with the dog I got up to a tidy house. Im Still keeping on top of things in the evening so that when I get up the mess doesn’t put me in a bad mood before we’ve even had breakfast.
I’ve been promising the 11 y/o some new stationery bits and pieces for a while so I thought we’d take a trip into town. Nobody else wanted to come so I’m quite lucky that I have the 19 y/o at home to look after the younger ones when I go out.

My shopping buddy !

We ” popped ” into primark , just looking of course , and picked up tshirts for the 3 youngest , a tshirt for me , I had to buy it , everyone loves Mickey Mouse ! And as my purse has had a broken zip for weeks I picked up a purse . It wasn’t my fault that behind the checkout there were canvas bags matching my purse. I had to get one obvs!
We took ourselves out of primark before we could find anything else we HAD to have.
After we bought the stationary I wanted to look in waterstones. The 8 y/o is really hard to settle down at night so I wanted to get him a really good book to encourage a bit of quiet time in the evening. Five books later we were done !
Just before we headed home we had a quick look in Hennes. We LOVE Hennes. And the 11 y/o managed to talk me into buying her a dress. Although admittedly it’s a damn fine dress. And it looks fab on her.




I had a lovely salad wrap for lunch when we got home
And made a delicious bolognese with mars ice cream bars for pudding.
After dinner the 13 y/o and I took the dog over to the common for a stroll.

And now it’s time to relax.
Sundays are my favourite on TV with catchphrase , I love Stephen Mulhern , GLEE, everyone loves glee , right ? And of course Hawaii five o !!
When I do get to bed it will be to snuggle down and read my new book ” the curious incident of the dog in the night- time. ”
I’ve had a good weekend and I’m definitely feeling much more relaxed and happier because of it !

How was your weekend ?


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