A perfect day


It’s not all doom and gloom here at mumblingsontheverge , sometimes I have a good day. And today was one of them days.
To begin with it was Saturday , which is instantly a winner for me. Week days are hugely stressful and Sundays are stressful as they are all about getting ready for the weekdays.
I stayed in bed till 9:30 , rather than the weekday start if 5:30 , I’m much happier when I wake up naturally , and I had a nice snuggle with the dog. She knows the difference between week days and weekend. On a week day as soon as I wake up she’s ready to go downstairs , on a weekend she likes to pin me to the bed and ” clean” my face before I get up.
I managed to get some much needed tidying up done which is a relief as the state of the house had a huge impact on my mood.
By 2 o clock the house was respectable and we were all dressed ( me and the youngest 3 , the other 4 wouldn’t be up and dressed by 2 o’clock in the afternoon ) so we jumped on a bus to my mums.
There was no traffic which was a rare treat going through wandsworth on a weekend. We got there in no time at all and there was a hot pasty waiting for me fresh out of the oven. Our oven isn’t working and whilst I’ve managed fine without it I have missed my pasties. I enjoyed my food while mum cooked for the kids and kept the cups of tea coming.
When we are at mums a strange and wonderous thing happens , the kids stop argueing , stop moaning and RELAX. they usually climb onto my mums bed put the telly on and don’t make a sound for a few hours. At home they are too busy bickering to really relax so its a wonderful few hours. I had my favourite biscuits and a mini magnum , read the tv magazines , the metro newspapers that mum saves for me and watched some crap tv.
The kids had cookies and ice lollies. And the dog got a nice grooming , she loves mum brushing her.
We got home just in time for britains got talent , had a snack , not that we actually needed any more food and then we watched the TV together. The girls went to bed like angels and not too late. And the 8 y/o only had a small tantrum before bed.
So although we didn’t really do anything special today we have relaxed , nobody has bickered and we’ve spent time together , for me that makes a perfect day.
What makes a perfect day for you ?


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