Invisibility cloak


The weather has been lovely this week. Finally time to put the coats away. Everyone is out in T-shirts, even shorts. Except for the 8 y/o.
He’s had a thing about not taking his coat off for quite a while , when I say not taking it off I mean not taking it off INDOORS.
He doesn’t wear it at home , he’s usually just in pants at home and he doesn’t wear it in school, if he could wear it in school he would. Wherever we have been the coat stays on.
We’ve been to the cinema and bowling a few times since Christmas and each time he has kept the coat on and the hood ( fur trimmed hood) up. He’s been to play centre a couple of times this week and the coat has stayed on , hood up. He’s hot and sweaty , and I would imagine uncomfortable but he won’t take it off.
We have been going to the park every evening this week , it’s been warm and sunny , T-shirt weather , a jumper at most. But he still won’t take the coat off. Or the hood down. I bought him a zip up hoodie a few weeks ago , I let him choose it himself. I thought that as it got Warmer he could start wearing the hoodie instead. But the hoodie just won’t do.
I realise that this is a ” thing” , he feels safe in his coat , or maybe he feels a bit invisible with the coat zipped up and the hood up ,but it’s really just too warm for him. He’s too warm on the school run , in the park, at play centre , everywhere. It’s only going to get warmer and when I mention the coat he says he needs to keep wearing it because its a bit cold.
I don’t know if I should just put my foot down and insist on not wearing it , taking a chance that it won’t stop him going out altogether or just let him wear the coat possibly all summer long ? He’s going to be very hot and he’s not going to get any lovely sunshine on him.


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