Wintergirls … Book review.


I’m usually found with my nose stuck in a paranormal book but lately I’ve been drawn to books more about life, issues , mental health. (Fiction) , deeper stuff than my usual read.
I’ve just read Wintergirls By Laurie Halse Anderson…. Lia is anorexic , she struggles with her relationships with both of her divorced parents and her ex best friend Cassie has just been found dead , alone in a motel room !
She called Lia 33 times the night she died. Lia didn’t answer . Lia is haunted by Cassie as she struggles with anorexia , her family and the death of her friend.
The subject of this book is anorexia, it At times it was hard to read,
It didn’t glamourise anorexia at all , I found the story very moving and I really cared about Lia.
Although this is a young adult book I found it to be a really good read. It is fiction but I felt like it gave a vivid glimpse into a condition that I had very little knowledge or understanding of.


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