Blogging … What’s it all about then ?


Yesterday a friend told me she’s been reading my blog. I had a bit of a “HOLY CRAP” a real life person has been reading my *innermost thoughts
* random ramblings moment.
My heart skipped a beat or two , I thought oh s**t I have to delete twitter , Facebook , my blog , the whole Internet.

And then she said nice things and I thought ” holy cow a real life person actually likes my innermost thoughts / random ramblings. And I felt a little bit proud. ”
My blog is almost three months old now. When I started writing it I didn’t really know what I was going to write about , I still don’t , not really.
So far it’s mostly been about CAMHS because that’s what’s been going on. But I wrote a few posts that I’m hoping I will make into themes. Ie forty things before I’m forty. And my book reviews / movie reviews.
I write my blog mostly just because I like to write things down. Clear my mind. Cheap therapy I guess.and because my blog is MY thing , my thing that belongs to me. Where I can say what I like. I don’t write for the stats , although I have to admit I do have a ” whoop whoop ” moment when I see that people have actually been reading this stuff .
I don’t plan what I’m writing. I don’t have time for that. Most of my posts have been written on the bus or sitting in the park. I’m watching the 8 year old on his bike right now. Well actually I’m blogging and hoping he doesn’t crash while I’m not looking. I write while I’m thinking what to write. Which is why I often get a bit rambling. Am I rambling now ?
I’ve had lots of really supportive comments and advice. I’ve inspired a friend to start blogging., take a look its very good. I’ve made 2 people cry , and I’ve found that by blogging you can find people who really care about what you have to say !
Since I started blogging I’ve found some really good blogs that I really look forward to reading. I like to get a little insight into people’s lives.
As far as my life goes I try not to write anything that would embarrass my kids ,I’m sure I embarrass them enough just by ,you know breathing the same air as them, and I don’t write anything that I feel would be better off a secret.
What I write is just me , what Im thinking , what I’m feeling , and I like it I like this blogging lark.
Do you blog ?
Why ? What do you get from it ?


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  1. I can’t imagine my life without blogging now. It has given me opportunities I could never have dreamt of. And I love to write, I would write even if no-one was reading.

    Love your blog xx

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  5. Eek! A real person! I’m hoping this never happens. I know that’s naive & a bit silly but I’m terrified of ‘other’ people finding out about my little space of Internet. It’s only really because of my job, if it wasn’t for that I’d blog loud & proud to my hearts content but I really don’t fancy students & colleagues reading my stuff. It’s odd because blogging is something I’m slowly becoming quite proud of & it’s something I LOVE. I wish I didn’t have to be so sneaky about it. I’m also a teeny but worried about the whole embarrassing the kids issue! But I love blogging about their milestones and their personalities. I’m hoping they’ll understand my blog is fuelled by love! I wrote about why I blog quite a whole ago, I found it helped me shake off some demons about talking so publicly about my private life. If you fancy a nose:
    Great post & one I so relate to xx

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