Tank warriors


Sea monkeys …. Ive met them before , around 11 years ago I bought them for my now 17 year old . they didn’t last long because one afternoon the kid stood sniggering while i drank my tea and as i finished he announced that he had put sea monkeys in my tea. After much vomiting and panicking they were dumped straight down the loo.
Forward to christmas 2012 , I bought them for the 11 and 8 y/o for Christmas , I thought they would be a fun little sciencey thing to do. They probably wouldn’t hatch , let alone live. And they were warned that mummy does not want to drink sea monkeys , EVER !
They hatched , they lived , they still live and they multiply all the time. Little little wiggly warriors , growing in size and numbers constantly. The trouble is I don’t know how to clean the water in their smelly little tanks. The water is a rather yucky green and not very clear. There are more than a few Dead Sea monkeys lurking on the bottom , as well as a dead fly. I can’t catch them and transfer them to a bowl while I clean the tank because they are tiny and Im not about to go and buy expensive tank cleaning contraptions. Because , well they’re just tiny wiggly little ” things”
So every day I check the tanks hoping that they may all have ” sadly” died overnight. But I’m sure there are actually more every time I look.
I can’t bring myself to put them in the loo. I did that after I drank them , it didn’t make me happy.
So how the heck do I clean their water. If they insist on living I feel the least I can do is give them a clean home.
Do you have sea monkeys?How do you clean their tank ?
Or were you not stupid enough to buy them in the first place?


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