Feeling lost.


So it’s Monday again. Another week that I have to get the 8 year old up every day and make him go to a place where he really doesn’t want to be. A place where everything is too much for him. Too many people. Too much noise. Too many situations he can’t cope with. A place where he makes noises that he doesn’t want to make. He cried again this morning. He had ” tummy ache” he begged to stay home. But I let him stay home on Friday. I can’t do it every day. I’ve already had a letter about his attendance. We walked to school like snails this morning. Sad snails. Going slowly to a place where nothing feels right. I found myself in asda after the school run sitting in the toilet feeling lost and awful. Feeling like I’d abandoned him again. Not knowing what to do. Feeling like I wanted to go and get him back. And take him home where things feel better for him.
When an 8 year old needs help they should get help NOW They should have every bit of help there is thrown at them. They should be wrapped in help.
It shouldn’t be hard to get help. 8 is too young to feel like this. 8 should be fun. It should be easy. But it’s not. And that is wrong. SO WRONG.


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  1. Aw my lovely 😦 I have tears running down my face just reading this. You know what I would do? And I am sure to get absolutely flamed for this….I would go and get him. I would take him home with me where he is safe and I would cuddle all his tears away. But, I know that is not the answer long term.
    Can you HE him? There is soooo much support for HEs out there, he will still get to socialise with others, you can find the specific support he needs to meet his own needs, and work on the issues with him, at his pace, where he feels safe. I know that might not be easy as you have other stuff going on.
    and a and some to do what you feel is right for your son x

    • Actually home educating him is something I am giving alot of thought to. But I don’t know if I can afford it. I imagine you need alot of stuff ? I so want to go and get him. We have a session at school today with his counsellor if it hadn’t been for that I think I would have kept him home. I think that because he is in the school system and the school are trying so hard to get him help I thought the help would come quicker. But I’m not sure if that is the case.

      • Once that help is in place, will it be there if he is HE? surely he is entitled to the same support where-ever he is educated? Like a counsellor etc? Educational welfare must be available to everyone! I don’t know much about HE in terms of costs, I think there is a lot of free online stuff, and there are groups that meet at educational places to do group projects.
        What time is the session?

      • I really don’t think HE is too complicated, especially at primary school level. You have to have access to resources, to some HE groups, and dedication to the cause. You most certainly have the dedication to the cause and you can get the rest up and running very quickly. What you need to think is ‘what will make my son happier, not just now, but as he grows up?’ ‘is my son learning good things at school in this situation?’ ‘can I teach him what he needs to know to go on to secondary school that he is not learning at school due to this situation?’ ‘why am I sending him to school?’ (this last one would be important to me, is it because you are told to do so, or because you truly believe he will benefit more at school than if he is HE’.

      • I think if I’m honest. Now you’ve made me think about it I send him to school because I think I’m supposed to. You have made really good points. I have a lot to think about now. Thank you for that x

      • you are very welcome. I wish I could find answer for you that would sort things out today. I think if were as simple as your little boy having a bad few days, then you have to ride it out and not give in to the immediate happiness that keeping them off school will provide. But, this is not the case with your boy. You have given this such a good crack at the whip that it isn’t simply Monday Belly Ache time. I will be thinking of you, and happy to be hear to thrash ideas about with.

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