Stopping for a while


Sundays are my busy day. The day when I try to catch up on all the housework and stuff I never get time for in the week.
Sundays are a bit rubbish. I do a lot of nagging. ” is your room tidy , is your homework all done , give me your blazer to wash , tidy your room , put your washing away , help me do this/ that / everything TIDY YOUR ROOM ”
This morning the sun was shining , the house was reasonably tidy and I felt like we needed some sunshine and fresh air.
So after I got the dreaded ironing done , we got dressed for the park , got the bikes out , put the dog on her lead , she needs sunshine and fresh air too , and headed to the park.
The kids played , rode their bikes , climbed , swung , laughed and I just stopped for a while.
Felt the sun on my face. Read a little. Had a bottle of coke.






It’s not Sarah’s coke …. It’s all mine.



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