Breaking the taboo


I have some experience of mental illness / mental health disorders I’m never sure what to call it , I’ll go with mental disorders for this post , I have suffered from varying degrees of anxiety through out my life sometimes needing medication to get me through but most of the time I cope and it doesn’t have a huge impact on my life.
But as I’ve said before I have a teenager with mental health disorders and a younger child with “something ” wrong. I don’t know what yet.
The fact that mental health is still a big taboo , even in what is albeit slowly becoming a more accepting society ,really angers and frustrates me.
Mental disorders are cruel they can strike anyone at any time in their life. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. You don’t choose it , it chooses you. And when it does it can tear your world apart. It impacts on you and people around you.It can impact on every aspect of your life. But still so many remain so ignorant about mental health.
They don’t understand , they don’t try to understand. People still think you can “snap out of depression” “cheer up” ” stop moping” . People don’t understand phobia. Social phobia for example can be crippling. Just getting out of the house can be a terrifying experience. A person with social phobia cannot simply “be brave” and go out.
I don’t know much about eating disorders but again you don’t choose to have them. They choose you. When you have an eating disorder you cannot just stop it. If you could I’m sure that everybody suffering from it would.
Because there is so little understanding it can be so very hard to ask for help. There is a fear of being seen as weak , a failure , crazy , having a mental disorder does not mean you are crazy any more than having a broken leg means you are crazy. It doesn’t mean you cannot function at all , it means that there are some aspects of life that you can’t cope with.
And as for weakness , I actually believe that it takes a lot of strength and courage to live with a mental disorder. Just getting through one day can take huge amounts of effort and strength.
And asking for help , in this world where there is so little understanding takes even more strength and courage. To come out and say ” I need help” when you don’t know who can help you , or how , and you know that you probably will be judged ( wrongly) by some is unspeakably difficult and unimaginably brave.
It really is time that we all became more understanding of mental health disorders , after all we never know if and when it will become a part of our lives , it’s not difficult to educate yourself about these things , information is everywhere.
Above all there needs to be more compassion.
Lets learn about mental health and speak about it.
Lets break the taboo.


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