The first appointment


Forgive me if this post rambles a bit I’m writing as I’m thinking …..
So today was our first CAMHS appointment , the initial assessment. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much as in my experience CAMHS have always done too little too late. But Even so i was hoping to come away from there feeling like we had really got the ball rolling. We saw a different psychiatrist to the one I know , I didn’t even know there was a different one there , so I thought that was a good start. He was friendly enough and O seemed quite comfortable talking to him. He answered all the questions and was able to speak for himself really well. Which I was actually surprised about. He talked alot about his noises and how they make him feel ( embarrassed) then the doctor asked to speak to me alone for a minute. From all the reports he had read from the school he thought that it sounded like O had autism and ADHD , as well as anxiety. But after meeting him for just an hour he doesn’t think there’s anything much wrong , so , what , we’ve been imagining all the problems at school ? The school have asked 3 times for emergency CAMHS appointments because there’s nothing much wrong ? O rages for hours at night because there’s nothing much wrong ? Really ? He doesn’t like to go out at all ,doesn’t like busy places , doesn’t like going on buses because there’s nothing much wrong ?
And the noises , well the doctor said they seem to happen most when O is nervous or stressed , which I agree with , but if there’s ” nothing much wrong ” what is he nervous or stressed about.
He said that he may grow out of the noises , great ,but when ? How long will he be making noises that make him uncomfortable and embarrassed ? And get him sent out of class for being disruptive ? And noises that kids at school take the mickey out of him for ? , he didnt seem very concerned that O has a brother with Tourette’s , just said I need to make the school understand that O can’t help it. That doesn’t really help O though.
Anyway , there will be more appointments , I don’t know when yet , but after the initial assessment I have to say I’m just frustrated , quite cross and not very hopeful.
Obviously I would rather there wasn’t anything much wrong with my little boy , but there is . I don’t know what is wrong but I know it’s not “nothing much ” !


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