New shoes


Today was the day , I’ve been trying to find a pair of shoes for months. The problem is I have psoriatic arthritis and plantar fasciitis , so gone are the days of buying what ever shoes I like.
I hate buying shoes at the best of times but when I have a list of requirements to fulfill it’s even harder.
A few weeks ago as I walked past clarks I noticed a pair that looked like they would fit the bill. I couldn’t afford them at the time so I had to jiggle my budget around a bit and save up for them.
This morning I decided to go get them shoes.
I walked into clarks where I was met by a very friendly sales assistant , I explained that I have arthritis and plantar fasciitis and therefore was looking for something very particular
Not slip on( as they strain my feet trying to keep them on)
Something that will give my feet some air ( I can’t wear flip flops or sandals anymore )
something with alot of support and flexibility
Something extremely comfortable
And most importantly , not little old lady shoes.
I showed her the pair if had my eye on , hopeful that they were in fact the shoe of my dreams , but she showed me how they weren’t atall padded inside and also weren’t very flexible .
She told me she knew exactly what I needed.
Then returned with a shoe that I have to say on first sight I hated. While she measured my feet I umm’d and
Aaah’d alot was she sure they weren’t very Middle Aged ?werethey slightly school shoey, what colour should I buy , was the tan a bit “old” the red too ” daring” the black “too much of a work shoe” ?
Then…. I put them on !

Any doubts I’d had that these were the shoes I’d been looking for all my life flew out of the shop door. They felt like heaven. Like walking on big fluffy white clouds.
I decided on the tan after consulting with 3 sales assistants and a customer who all agreed they looked good with my jeans ( my staple outfit)

I paid the stupendously high price and left the shop happy.

Of course when I got home the kids hated them.


I think me and my feet will be very happy with my new shoes.


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  1. Ignor the kids, they’re too young to have any real opinion on fasion. They are the cutest shoes! I love them and hope they are in the sales come summer when I come to UK to stock up on all thing British. Wear em with pride and above all comfort. X

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