Garnier ultra lift …. Review


I treated myself to some garnier ultra lift cream as part of my “spring cleaning myself plan ”
I have neglected moisturising my face lately as I’ve been stressed and busy,
And to be honest my skin was looking dull and tired. There were so many face creams in the shop and they all do so many things that its really hard to know what to buy , in the end I chose the garnier ultra lift simply because it was on special offer.
I’ve been using it religiously every morning and in the afternoon too and I can’t say there’s been a miracle and I’m looking ten years younger , but my skin is definitely looking alot better. It’s softer , firmer and has a little glow to it.
I’m definitely looking more alive and less dreary.
The cream was lovely to apply , it was absorbed very quickly and didn’t leave my face feeling icky.
I would recommend this cream if you are looking for something to put a bit of life back into your face. I’ve also noticed that its made my hands nice and soft as I always rub the leftovers in to my hands when I’ve finished !

I’ve also invested in some bio oil. I’ve been thinking about it for a while but its pricey ,today they were selling it at the checkout in primark for £2 less than boots sell it. So I couldn’t resist.
I’m going to use this at night and carry on using the garnier ultra lift in the day time. I also bought a boots cucumber eye gel as my eyes always look a bit puffy and tired.
I will blog about the bio oil and eye gel after I’ve been using them. for a few weeks !

What do you use on your face ?
What creams would you recommend ?


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