Happy half term !


This term has been difficult and it’s felt especially long and draining.
But today it’s over !
The kids break up for Easter. And I am very much looking forward to the half term.
We are a little skint and the weather is a bit rubbish but that doesn’t matter.
The thing I’m looking forward to the most is not setting the alarm for 5:30 a.m.
Waking up when we are good and ready and being able to enjoy laying in bed for a bit every morning.
I’m looking forward to not worrying about getting the boy to college and not having college phoning every day. Also not worrying about how the 8 y/o is coping at school every day.
Im actually looking forward to having the kids around the house. I like having the kids around , we don’t get enough time to just BE together just being us and having time.
I’ve made sure I’ve got enough money for a game of bowling , going swimming and a trip to the cinema to watch the croods. I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie with the kids ,
Because the weather is a bit rubbish I’ve got rise of the guardians , hotel Transylvania and breaking dawn pt 2 on DVD. For some snuggly afternoons probably with some Pringles and dip.
I’m looking forward to playing more chess and draughts with the kids with our new set. As well as good old frustration.
My friend is going to be in town , all the way from Yorkshire , with her two boys , we will get together with the kids. I’m hoping we have a sunny day or two so we can get out to one of our local parks. And of course while she’s in town there will be a girls night out with pizza and wine ( whine )
During the holidays my son will be turning 16 so of course there will be cake 😄🍰
As my mum lives by the river I’m hoping to have a couple of nice walks by the Thames ( in the sun ? ) before a nice cup of tea and some warm crusty rolls.
And of course I will get some reading time in , I’m looking for a really good book to enjoy over the half term.
I think it’s going to be a good half term and hopefully we will all be feeling de-stressed and recharged ready for the next term.
What plans do you have for the Easter half term ?


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