Where is the love ?


What’s wrong with the world mamma , people living like they ain’t got no mamma …..

Life … We are all living it , you live , you die and hopefully in between you do something to mark your mark on the world . It’s not easy , life , it throws things at you when you don’t expect it , it gives , it takes away , you never know what’s coming. And life doesn’t come with instructions ! We have to make it up as we go along. Hopefully getting it right , often getting it wrong.
But if we are all just trying to live our lives , and we are all when it comes down to it just people , all just the same , why don’t we help each-other more. Pull in the same direction , help each-other out.
Why is life such an us against them thing.
The haves look down on the have- nots. When many of the have- nots are in that position because of what life has thrown at them.
Discrimination is still all around. Mental illness is still a big taboo. With little understanding or compassion.
And even in the small things in life people just aren’t nice to each-other.
On twitter it seems some people have accounts for the sole purpose of being nasty and judgemental
Why ? Twitter can be a lovely thing. You can find people who become friends. People you can talk to. People that support you.
When certain TV shows are on I don’t look at the hash tags anymore because mostly people are really nasty. It’s fine to disagree with what you watch , and to debate it. But some people make nasty comments which actually attack the people who appear in these shows. Real people. Being attacked by people that don’t know them.
School playgrounds are full of ” groups” of mums that look down on other groups , whisper , judge , gossip.
Neighbourhoods just aren’t the same anymore. People don’t know their neighbours. They don’t look out for their neighbours , I see this has changed even since I was young. People looked out for other people’s kids. People helped each-other out with their kids. There’s that old saying , something like ” it takes a village to raise a child”. It just doesn’t happen !
Kindness and compassion are free to give , yet a small kindness can turn someone’s day or even life around
Manners are free , but they seem to be a long forgotten thing.
The feeling of having helped someone can be a lovely thing.
We can only change this by doing it ourselves. One kindness at a time. A smile , a helping hand , a bit of understanding.

When was the last time you did something kind ?? Just because you wanted to ?

Spread the love people. It doesn’t have to cost a thing. And it just makes life a bit nicer.


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  1. I totally agree, it’s as if everyone wants to prove they’re more hard done by than anyone else these days. Such a shame, we should support each other more, not judge, not criticise. Great post! X

  2. It is so easy to make someone’s day with a compliment, kind word or just good manners, so you’re right to ask people to spread the love. And in turn, we need to look and search for the glimpses of human kindness, and not let them get over-shadowed by people’s rudeness and ignorance. Great post x

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