Can you smell that ? My super power is smell !


Since my kids were babies ive always noticed that they have a smell when they are coming down with something ,especially if they have a tummy bug / sickness. I can smell it before they are actually sick. It’s a kind of warm sickly sweet smell. All of mine have the same smell.
Whenever I’ve asked people they’ve looked at me like I was a bit odd.
This morning I asked on twitter and it turns out its not just me.
I had a few replies from people saying that they can also smell it.
I googled it ( not sure why is never googled it before ) anyway I googled it and it turns out its an actual thing !
Mums can often smell when their children are coming down with something.
And it’s not just mums.
In the past doctors used to use their sense of smell to diagnose ailments.
It’s actually quite interesting to read about.
It’s not a very cool superpower but I think being able to smell when your child is coming down with something is quite handy
If nothing else it gives you a heads up on getting the sick bowl and the calpol ready.
From my tweets and responses this morning I learned something else. Some people can HEAR spiders. Before they see them.
Now this is a superpower I would like to have. So I could evacuate the room and scream for help before I have to see the 8 legged monster.
Can you smell when your child or anyone else is ill ?
Can you hear spiders ?
Can you sense anything else before it happens ?
What small superpower would you like to have.


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  1. My husband has an awesome sense of smell. He has claimed to be able to smell when the kids are sick, particularly chest or throat infections. I don’t notice it as much but then smell is Julian’s superpower.
    Apparently dogs can smell illness too. I read somewhere about dogs being trained to recognise the more virulent flu strains.
    Hearing spiders? Possibly, I do seem to know they’re there before I see them. I can defo hear beetles, but then they are bit more clumsy than spiders.
    I am the worlds lightest sleeper. The smallest things will wake me instantly.
    What super power would I like? Invisibility I think. I’d love to be able to eves drop unseen or just disappear.
    No, wait. Telekinesis! I was convicted that my little boy had it when he was very young. I swear he dropped a toy from his high chair, I was reading something, so just wanted to finish the sentence before I picked up the toy. When I looked up, it was in his hand. Perhaps he never dropped it, but ….

  2. When I live in England, I can smell when spring is coming usually towards the end of february when its still really cold to everyone else. And I always notice the first leaf to fall in autumn. It’s like Mother Nature sends me a little sign.
    I don’t get any if that in Hong Kong, the seasons seem a little mixed up.

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